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Sunday, 18 August 2019

Expensive Message to all Nigeria Upcoming Artist

Expensive Message to all Nigeria Upcoming Artist

Welcome to Leadwaytunez Once Again!!! 

Oga boss!  Today you will sing reggae tomorrow hip pop the next blues, oga please where is your base.

Upcoming acts especially Nigerians always have that “I am good in all of them” mentality You have to choose a genre you love and you are talented to deliver in. Banky w cannot just switch from Blues and Be like wizkid who is in the hip pop sector neither will Yemi alade turn a rapper overnight when she knows she built her fans as a hip pop vocal artist.

Someone will introduce you as a hip pop artiste only for you to go up on stage and begin to do reggae. You can be jack of all trades later when you blow but right now focus on a particular genre.

What are you good in?

What is that musical genre people enjoy you sing?

What is that musical genre where you can bring out the best in you most? 

That is your base. And to all those who wants to be a rapper and a singer at the same time, Quontinue.

If you sing in such a way that someone can match you to exactly an already blown act, then its high time you do a little change. It is never a good thing for your music career if you copy the way another musician sings. Learn to be unique. The unique your style of music, the better your chances of securing a place in the industry. Only learn from a music act never copy him/her.

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But listen, if you think you are good to rap better than Olamide then feel free to give him a sit. But my advice is Uniqueness matters it is key. And to all upcoming acts who charge for every occasion you are called to perform in, you should limit such attitude because you could be declined to perform in a place where your sponsor could be, because you attached a fee thereby killing your chances.

Charge on occasions where not much audience will be or unserious events like birthdays, small shows, pool events, weddings. But not for shows that could boost you more like a top hotel hosting an event and you are called to perform, if they refuse to pay please perform for free. Beg to perform in top events and watch how you scale through, but don’t make yourself too cheap, know your worth.

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Friday, 16 August 2019

Consider These Nine (9) Essential Things Before Taking On Music As A Career

Consider These Nine (9) Essential Things Before Taking On Music As A Career

Hello Welcome to Leadwaytunez!!!

Are you a Music artiste or you know one? Please, share this link with them as it will help them a lot.

Music business is a really lucrative one as it can help you amass wealth for yourself even beyond your imagination.

Especially in a country like Nigeria where the music industry is the largest in Africa and yielding millions of naira.

Nevertheless, success in this music industry is left to how much you plan and put certain things in place.

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Taking on music as a profession is a risk which you must be fully ready for any consequences it brings as you blowing as an artiste might take longer than expected and sooner than you think.

Here are starter packs for individuals planning to take on music:

1. Easy/Short Stage Name

For any individual wanting to make music a profession, while starting out, ensure you have a not too long stage name which people can’t remember.

Having a short and easy stage name will help different music listeners to put you in mind and even to trace your music.

There are more than a thousand musician emerging all over the world every year, your name when short and easy will help people identify you amongst all of them.

2. Stick To A Particular Genre Of Music

Staying true to a particular kind of music helps your career as an artiste.

This will help in defining you as an artiste, though there are times one needs to be creative in art by trying out various genres but this doesn’t mean going totally out of your lane.

No matter how the likes of M.I , Vector , Show Dem Camp (SDC) , Poe, Boogey , Blaqbonez etc try to go commercial at some points, they still come back to RAP , their first love.

3. Catchy Hooks/Choruses

So as to get the attention of listeners, it is advisable that your tracks as nice and catchy hooks people can remember after a long while.

When your hooks are long, it makes the song boring and uneasy for your listeners to catch up with.

4. Nice Music Production

As an artiste, the music you put out in terms of quality is of much importance. This we can say in terms of sound, voicing, mixing/mastering and many more.

Artistes nowadays need to really pay attention to these deciding factors, it feels kind of grumpy when listening to a song not recorded or mixed well.

5. Release Projects

Another way you can increase your popularity is by releasing projects. It could be an EP (Extended Play) or an LP (Long Play).

This project in one way or the other will help people in getting to know more about you and how creative you are as they listen to different kinds of track from the same artiste.

6. Social Media

The media can’t be taken for granted at this age as it is one way where you get to sell your music faster.

As an artiste coming into the music business, ensure you have much relevance on social media platforms mainly (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

This is one huge means in which you get to connect to a lot of persons that can end up being your fans.

7. You Should Have Your Own Personal Website

It’s of much importance as an artiste to have a website of your own. Your website will end up saying a lot about you.

It should contain your previous releases, profile, collaborations, news and hints on yet to be released tracks. It helps in making your fans aware of what to expect from you and also to reach you.

8. Make Use Of Premium Music Platforms

There are lots of platforms where artistes can get their music to these days and be heard, so therefore, it is necessary for artistes to get signed on to these platforms so as to share their music with a larger music base.

Some of these includes Audiomack, SoundCloud, Spotify, Genius, Boomplay etc. You can also get to sell your music on iTunes, Apple, Amazon, Tidal and many more.

9. Make Use Of Blogs
Blogs are very important to every music artiste whether new or Top artiste as they are a whole lot of things one can achieve as far as music promotion is concerned.

From promoting your Music blogs to making sure they put up interesting news.

We hope you enjoy this Post?
Let’s hear from you all if you have an addition to what we have noted down here.

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Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Nupe Blogs in Nupe Kingdom

Leadwaytunez brings to you some nupe blogs in nupe Kingdom... 

Also in this article you will know the owners full name....

For me not to waste your time on this, this is the list below:-

Nupehittracks blog is owned by AHMED ABDULKADRI also known as Ashafii Gondigo, one of the best nupe rapper 2019...

This is the full link...

nupemelody blog is owned by YUSUF ZAKARI MANTANFIEN.
A student of federal polytechnic bida Niger state..
He is still the brain behind "Nupefile"

These are the full link...

nupebaze blog is owned by ALIYU NDAGI. He base in minna, Niger state.

This is the full link...

Nupe360nobs blog is owned by ABDUL, also known as....

He is still the brain behind "sweet9jamusics"

These are the full links...

nupeflaver blog is owned by SABSONS...

this is the full link...

Also:- 🔝 5 Best Nupe Rappers 2019

From the above blogs you will able to listen and download your nupe Hiphop and traditional songs, things you need to know about nupe Kingdom especially on and

We will like to hear from you about this article, your comments, views, suggestions etc in the comment box...

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Sunday, 4 August 2019

Top 5 Best Nupe Rappers 2019

Welcome to Leadwaytunez!  This year, I’ve got for you a list of top 5 best nupe rapper 2019, but what comes to mind when you hear the word rapper?

The fact is, not everyone knows what it means exactly.

In this post, I’ll share with you the top 5 nupe Rappers in nupe Kingdom 2019.

What Is Rap and Who Is The Best Rapper In Nupe Kingdom 2019?

Rap, rapper, rap artiste, rap music, fastest rapper; these among others are what pops out of one’s mind when talking about rap music.

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A rapper is a musician who combines unique beats and rhymes to create catchy entertainment songs.

This is not an easy task though; it requires word skills, dedication and a lot of hard work.

A rapper delivers musical form that incorporates rhyme, rhythmic speeches and street vernacular which is performed or chanted in a variety of ways usually over a backbeat or musical accompaniment.

A rapper’s music should not be void of three things, which are content (what is being said), flow (rhythm, rhymes) and delivery (cadence, tone).

With those three elements that make up a dope rap music, but the question is, who is the best nupe rapper today?

I mean who is Nupe best rapper?

What is the criteria for ranking the 2019 top nupe rappers?

Also:-Upcoming Artistes!!! Here Are 5 Reasons Your Music Will Not Blow To Become A Hit Song

Awards Won or General Public Acceptance

Street Credibility/ Street O.T

Rhymes and Flows


Let me give it to you straight up!

The Top 5 Best Nupe Rappers 2019.
Did you know that the genre of music a rapper sings is categorized as hip hop?

Without further ado let’s get started with my list of five best nupe Rappers...

First on my list of best nupe rappers is Adamu A. Gimba popularly known by his stage name Adamzy. He was born in Baddegi, Niger, Nigeria.

Also a student of Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University (IBBUL), Lapai, Niger state.

Ashafii Gondigo is a Nupe rapper, hip hop recording artist and stage performer. He is the owner of a talent managing company known as Gondigo All Stars (GONAS) and also the C E O Nupehittracks blog...

Ashafii Gondigo as been featured on many Hiphop songs with different artist such as Shabzy (Onikoyi), T-khesh, Lulu, Delex, Badwiz, Venom etc.

He has been nominated for a lot of awards and won some of those nominations.


Here we have another musician who is one of the best nupe rapper , he is known by his fans as Sadeeqson. He was born in Niger state Nigeria and he is a songwriter and a hip hop artist.

Also he has been Featured on a song with Adamzy and lot more.


Lil-Hunter is also on my list of the best nupe rapper 2019. He was born on the 14 of September 1996 in Bida, Niger state. And that's home town. 

He was signed by COCONUT - CITY ENTERTAINMENT and as worked with artists like Shabzy (Onikoyi), T Khesh, B-zango (Bash) etc. 

This Nupe rapper was born on 1st of February, 1990 in kwara Nigeria, he is popularly known as his stage name Strong Pillar. He is a Nupe rapper and song writer currently signed to Hustle Boiz Musik Entertainment.

He has worked with the likes of Prince mk BA'AGI, I-brax etc. 

What did you think? Is there something I’m missing, would you like to add a comment? Let’s have your comment in the box provided below or email us at 

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Saturday, 22 June 2019

Relationship:- Four Pitfalls That Can Crush Your Relationship

Four Pitfalls That Can Crush Your Relationship 

Hello my audience welcome to Leadwaytunez!!!

First of all I will like to talk about the meaning of relationship as you all already know that relationship is all about:-

- Connection or association; the condition of being related.

- Kinship; being related by blood or marriage.

- A romantic or sexual involvement.

Having know all this, that's why we need to watch out this "Four Pitfalls That Can Crush Your Relationship below...."

1. Pride: This is a deadly vice that has never done anybody good and certainly is the ultimate enemy of a good relationship. Hanging shoulders and refusing to apologize or to take corrections when one got it all wrong or insisting that one was right when one was wrong can crush any relationship. So avoid it.

2. Nagging: Running mouth like analogue typewriter is not and never can be how to build a perfect relationship or even TO sustain marriage. So please kindly take things easy with him and do not always assume he has another woman. Take it easy and never use bad words on your man.


3. Over socialization: Too much of everything is bad and you must be careful about clubbing and attending all parties you are invited.

4. Disobedience: I must begin to tell you that obedience is better than sacrifice. Therefore immediately you decide to go into a relationship with someone, never you forget that you can only have one captain on a board in a ship and not two.

Thanks for reading... I hope it’s useful please comment, share it below and let see your reviews... 

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Breaking ! Veteran Yoruba Actor , Fasasi Bankewin “ Dagunro” Is Dead

Breaking ! Veteran Yoruba Actor , Fasasi Bankewin “ Dagunro” Is Dead

Fasasi Olabanke, one of the respected veteran Yoruba movie stars, has died.

The actor who was popularly known as Dagunro reportedly passed away today, the 13th day of June, 2019.

Dagunro, an Osogbo-born actor, was known and hailed for his traditional roles in several epic Yoruba movies. Over the years, he won over a lot of fans who admired his work.

Confirming news of Dagunro’s demise, popular actor Adekola Tijani took to Instagram to make the announcement,
He wrote, ‘Gone too soon boss! May your soul rest in peace. Love you boss but God loves you most. Dagunro Alajiga Ogun. RIP’.

Top 5 Songs That Became Instant Hit In Nigeria Checkout (Number 3 Was A Mad Jam)

Top 5 Songs That Became Instant Hit In Nigeria Checkout (Number 3 Was A Mad Jam)

The release of hit songs that makes music fans stay awake is not a new thing in Nigeria.

As a matter of fact, we have been enjoying many hit singles before the introduction of new generation artistes like Wizkid, Davido and sorts.

There have been major hit singles from the onset that made us feel on top of the world back in the days and below are the top 5 in no particular order:

1. Fall In Love By D’banj: The koko master himself, was apparently the biggest musician from Nigeria in those days. His songs is always at the top of every chart and in recent time one of the first artistes to feature a foreign artiste in the country.

Fall in love was a song even the deaf danced to, a love song that is palatable to the ears of old and young people of both genders. The song further got attention when the visuals came out which featured the top Nigerian actress “Genevieve” which sparked dating rumor between them as they were caught kissing in the video of the hit single.

2. Kerewa By Zule Zoo: Many of you would still be sucking mama’s breast during the time of Zule Zoo. It made a lot of wave in the country, even though the type of lyrics contained in the track would be likened to the type of songs the NBC would ban if it was sang in this modern day.

We are not sure of where they are currently, but we are glad they are part of the history in Nigerian music industry.

3. Yahooze By Olu Maintain: Yahoo! Oh Oh, was like a national anthem in the country then, arguably the song of the century in the nation. The song which came with the famous dancing move of moving hands upward made it to everybody’s playlist.

Olu Maintain caught the attention of people of all ages in Nigeria and whoever that didn’t listen to the song was undoubtedly living under the rock.
Lest I forget, when the Super Falcons of Nigeria won the 2007 U-17 world cup competition. Olu maintain is the artiste invited by Yar’adua the then president of Nigeria to perform for the team at the welcome party in Abuja. This shows the kind of gravity the song had at the period.

4. African Queen By 2face: 2baba is considered one of the living legends because in the industry because of this track that catapulted his career even to the outer world.

The song is indeed evergreen that even if played now. It would still fit into the recent time type of music people would love to listen to. African queen was/is a hit and 2baba is a legend. No doubt about that.

5. Mr Lecturer By Eedris Abdulkareem: Eedris was African 50 cent. He is rugged and one of the very minute musicians who can sing to condemn the government even to the face of the government officials.

Mr Lecturer is a dramatic song that explains what our young ladies face in higher institutions from lecturers and it is one of the song Nigerian loved so well.

Eedris is part of the singers in Nigeria we can call a legend and no bigger music was done by him other than Mr Lecturer.

There are many hit singles that rocked the music phase of Nigeria but the aforementioned are just some of them.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Relationship:- Why the men need Sex?

Relationship:- Why the men need Sex? 

Dear sir, why does the male need sex as if its food?

Dear Sender,
Male do not want sex they need sex,
Let me state that the no1 needs for every male is SEX, why because every male is designed by God to provide progenitor (seeds) his purpose in life is to provide  seeds. So every male you see today is a carrier of half billion sperms in his loin.

Every man is a seed Carrier, so his major purpose is designed by God to provide generations.

This is why when God wants to create a nation he goes for the male not the female and he said to Abraham a nation will come out from you and I will make him very great.

A man doesn't want sex, a man needs sex, what is need? A need is that which helps you function, a car doesn't want fuel, a car needs fuel.share to ur friends to see the group

A man is driving by divine purpose to produce generations, that is why a man needs sex.

A man doesn't have menstrual cycle, he is ready for sex anywhere, any day in any place even when you as a woman is not ready.

Sometimes most of you ladies you think your husband is demanding for too much sex or he is demonized. He is not demonized he is OK.

The woman's no 1 need is not sex, she like sex and enjoys sex, but that is not what she needs.

A woman's need is affection. Affection is never sex, sex to a woman is a result of affection.

If you give her affections you will have no need struggling to have your need in bed.

WARNING: Anyone who can't control his or her loins can fall prey to anything under skirt or trouser.
Respect yourself.

Monday, 10 June 2019



1. Sleeping alone is better than sharing your BED with someone who shares a BED with someone else when you are not around.

2. Cheating does not mean you have to kiss, meet or have sex with a third party. Once you find yourself deleting texts and e-mails so that your partner will not see them, you are already there.

3. If a man is crazy about you, pray he does not get well, if he is getting well, know that another woman is giving him some tablets.

4. First love may not die, but true love can bury it.

5. If you still believe "LOVE IS BLIND" then I know for sure MARRIAGE WILL OPEN IT FOR YOU.

6. A woman's beautiful face attracts a flirt; A woman's beautiful heart attracts a lover; A woman's beautiful character attracts a man.

7. Never you fall in love because you are lonely, fall in love because you are ready.

Also check out:- 8 Mistakes should never do when having sex

8. A blessed water is better than a cursed fried rice. A Godly poor man is far much better than an angry rich man in marriage.

9. I will rather have you stay in your fathers house that you are sure of, than pack into a man's house you are not sure of.

10. Most men base their capacity of manhood and their abilities to fertilize ovaries and produce children. Any man can impregnate a woman. The real deal is egg  MANY MEN CAN BE THE FATHER TO THEIR CHILDREN, not promoters of ABORTION?

11. HOLY Wives do not just speak in tongues, they MANAGE their homes, make SUPER meals, raise GODLY kids, and finally they
bring out the KING in their man.

Also read:- 5 Ways to know if your is cheating on you

12. When you tend to your garden diligently you will be the one to reap the fruit of the vine thereof.

13. You can say "sorry" a million times, say "I love you" as much as you want, say whatever you want, but if you are not going to prove that the things you say are true, then do not say anything at all. Because if you cannot show it, your words do not mean a thing.

14. Never you lie in order to satisfy somebody for a moment, because the pain that you cause them in the future can last them for a lifetime.

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Earnings:- Five (5) problems affecting your small business to earn enough money

Earnings:- Five (5) problems affecting your small business to earn enough money 

Incorporate these ideas or steps into your business to help you make enough profit and also to enable your product become more efficient.

We’ve mapped out some reason why we think your small business is not making you enought money that you want.

See out some of the things we find out below:

1. High Pricing

It’s very tough today in the business world, due to market changes, fluctuation of income and evolvement in customers’ and clients’ demand.
Setting prices is first and very important in shaping your customers’ request and dictating the success of your business.

Entrepreneurs should caution themselves in order not to set prices too high as it could lead to shortcomings in areas of intended buyers. In other words, ensure your product doesn’t cost more than of your competitors’, to help you stay in line with the entire target market policy.

2. You Don’t Have a Specific Income Goal

Before going into business, take your business idea and create structure and a strategy to follow. That is, try to define your ideal customers, the location best suited for your products and target audience.

Setting income goals is fun and endearing because it challenges you to make your business profitable.

3. Poorly Priced Products

Although, it is very challenging to come up with prices for your products, but it’s not an impossible task to accomplish.

First, conduct a market analysis to get a better understanding of your clients’ and study your competitors’ to know what they charge for such products.

This is because setting a low price for your goods could yield to plenty of buyers patronizing you, but what’s the essence of making many sales without profit in return?

Hence, set your product prices at per with others and create a friendly relationship to spur your customers’ to enliven their interests into making more buy.

Furthermore, you can carry out a customer survey and analyze thembefore incorporating the ideas garnered into your business.

4. Nonexistent Online Presence

Taking your business online is a one-way method to make enough money as you reach out to a wider range of audience.

Remember, your product is mostly what differentiates you from your competitors. Take your product to a platform you think matches the exact product you wish to show the populace.

You could utilize Instagram to display quality images and short videos of your products to a potential audience as well. For strictly on videos, try making YouTube your best bet and so on.

Every business has a platform it suits most as online space provides a wonderful platform for both big and small businesses to thrive and strengthen their brands.

Endeavor to create a strong business relationship by using the power of social media and stand out from the crowd.

5. Low Turnover

There could be many problems leading to slow or low turnover. You might have reviewed and analyzed your business severally without knowing where the actual problem is coming from.

Your issue may be that you’re not making the volume of sales you need to be due to poor quality of a product or related issues.

Also, think of how the audience perceives your point of sale to project completion. Are you too slow? 

Is your customer service friendly enough to make angry customers completely easy?

Apply these principles and you will experience a real difference.

The End!!!

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Sanwo - Olu Won’ t Disappoint Lagosians – APC Promises

Sanwo - Olu Won’ t Disappoint Lagosians – APC Promises

The Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has urged residents to support Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu as he is sworn-in as the next executive governor of the state on Wednesday.

The Assistant Publicity Secretary of the party in the state, Mr Abiodun Salami, made the appeal in an interview with the Newsmen on Tuesday in Lagos.

He said the party was sure that the administration of Sanwo-Olu would consolidate on the strides recorded in the state, but cooperation of all was needed to enable in-coming government succeed.

Salami urged residents to support the Sanwo-Olu administration with ideas, any by performing their civil obligations, obeying the laws, and keying into its policies and programmes.

The Assistant Publicity Secretary described Sanwo-Olu as a tested and trusted hand in governance, assuring residents he would not disappoint in the delivery of his electoral promises.

”As Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu is sworn-in tomorrow, we urge all Lagosians to give his administration all the support to enable him succeed.

 ”Sanwo-Olu is a man ideas, he is experienced in governance, he knows his onions and he is passionate about a better Lagos.

”We have no doubt he will deliver on his promises; he will not disappoint the people. But residents need to support his administration.

 ”We need to support him with ideas, by paying our taxes and obeying the laws.

We should support the policies and programmes of his administration.

”This is the only way to build a better Lagos, the Lagos of everyone’s dream,”

He said.

Salami said the APC had consistently rendered impactful governance in the state and thanked residents for keeping faith with the party.

The Assistant Publicity Secretary also thanked residents for voting overwhelmingly for the party in the last presidential and governorship elections in the state.

”As you supported APC in the election, I urge you to troop to the TBS tomorrow to once again demonstrate your support for Sanwo-Olu as he is sworn-in,”

Stop Enrolling Unqualified Graduates Into NYSC – DG Warns Universities

Stop Enrolling Unqualified Graduates Into NYSC – DG Warns Universities

The Director-General of the hit hit hit hit hit hit hit National Youth Service Corps, Brig Gen Shuaibu Ibrahim, has warned tertiary institutions in the country against enrolling unqualified graduates in the scheme.

The DG said the NYSC would blacklist any higher institution found to be involved in the fraudulent mobilization of unqualified graduates in order to serve as a deterrent to others.

The NYSC is preparing to mobilize its Batch B prospective corps members by June amid reports from the Ministry of Finance that the monthly allowance paid to the members had been increased to N30,000, which is also the new minimum wage.

But the NYSC DG, while addressing Data Entry Officers from tertiary institutions and Deployment and Relocation Officers from NYSC state at a workshop held in Abuja on Monday, warned that unqualified graduates should not be enrolled in the forthcoming mobilization.

The DG said, “Corps-producing institutions are warned not to enroll unqualified graduates into the mobilization process of the scheme. 

I advise all of you, participants, not to fall into the temptation of unscrupulous elements that may want to truncate the mobilization process.

The NYSC will blacklist any corps-producing institution that is involved in fraudulent mobilization of unqualified graduates in order to serve as a deterrent to others. 

As leaders, do the right thing. Let us maintain good integrity and check your data correctly.”

Why We Can’t Sanction Pastors Who Accuse Kids Of Being Witches – Former CAN Boss

Why We Can’t Sanction Pastors Who Accuse Kids Of Being Witches – Former CAN Boss

A cleric has given reasons why the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) cannot go after Nigerian pastors who instigate the branding of children as witches.

Many children in Nigeria, mostly in the South-South states of Akwa Ibom and Cross River, have been beaten, stigmatised, and sent away into the street where they live as an outcast on the accusation of witchcraft.

Such accusation usually stems from a pastor ‘prophesying’ that a ‘witch’ child was responsible for a family misfortune – be it ill-health, job loss, or a business downturn.

Some parents or guardians sometimes go to the extent of setting their children on fire or beheading them.

Akwa Ibom, for instance, has a child rights law which criminalises the branding of children as witches, but there is nothing to indicate the law is effective.

“For a state that has a (Child Rights) law which is supposed to ensure that the right of the child is respected, you still discover daily that so many children are passing through situations that ordinarily they shouldn’t go through. And so, you wonder what has happened to that law,” Uduak Ekong, the chairperson of the Nigeria Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ), Akwa Ibom state, said of the situation in the state.

“I’m worried because, for years, I have been expecting that we would see a reduction in the number of children who hawk on the street, for instance. 

But every day as I drive along the road, I notice that rather than a reduction, it appears to be a thriving enterprise. We have too many children on the street.”

Mrs Ekong spoke at a roundtable on child development hosted by PREMIUM TIMES in Uyo to mark the 2019 Children’s Day.

“Many of these places are not churches; they are magic houses, they are 419 centres,” Cletus Bassey, an archbishop and past chairman of CAN in Akwa Ibom told PREMIUM TIMES, Friday, when asked in a separate interview what the association was doing to deter pastors from accusing children of being witches.

Mr Bassey said, “all kinds of nonsense things” happening in the “magic centres” cannot happen in the church.

“How can you be in a church where they would bring Coke and Fanta and they will say they are doing anointment, then anoint people with Coke and Fanta?

“How do you have a man who says he is a man of God and he would be putting his legs on a woman and would say he is doing deliverance?”

People who run such “centres” are mostly uneducated, lack theological training, and are not members of CAN, Mr Bassey said.

“There’s nothing CAN can do about it, you cannot go to a family in which you are not a member and say ‘sit down here’ or ‘don’t do that again’.

“You don’t have the instruments of taking charge of those things, you are not empowered by the constitution,” he said.

The archbishop said the witchcraft phenomenon was a nationwide thing, and not peculiar to Akwa Ibom.

PREMIUM TIMES asked Mr Bassey if he believes in the existence of witchcraft.
“You’ll find it in the Bible. Yes, it exists,” he responded.

“I grew up in a family where my maternal grandfather was a juju doctor and I practised it as a young man, until when I was 17 years old when Jesus came into my life and changed the whole thing about me. 

So, I have seen both worlds and I understand how it works.”
PREMIUM TIMES further asked him why children from wealthy families are never branded as witches.

“How can their own children be labelled a witch when they themselves don’t go home (village) with them?
“If they carry those children and keep in the village with their grandparents, go back and hear what would have happened after that.”

The archbishop said the deliverance he does for the congregants in his church – the Destiny Mission International, Uyo – is a different type.

“Deliverance is done when the word of God comes. When you preach the word of God and anything that does not agree with that, when the word of God meet with resistance the word of God takes the upper hand, and at that point in time anything can happen.

“I don’t go about, looking for people to cast demons out, I don’t go about looking for people to call witches. No! That’s not my work.

“My work is to preach the word of God. This word of God, the Bible says, is the power of God unto salvation.

 So there is no other deliverance than the word we preach, it is what brings deliverance.”

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

SEE PHOTO !!! “Something Is Wrong With This Wizkid & Patoranking Handshake” – DO YOU AGREE?

SEE PHOTO !!! “Something Is Wrong With This Wizkid & Patoranking Handshake” – DO

Award winning Olofofo Nigerian on twitter has got something to say about the Wizkid & Patoranking handshake.

The Patoranking “ Wilmer” album listening party held at Lagos few days back was one like never before, a lot of entertainment Industry Big shoe was present.

Baba Nla Himself, D’Banj (Koko Master), Tiwa Savage to mention a few turn the fvck up for Patoranking.

When the whole Nigerian was happy that Love is brooding again in the Industry, then one self acclaimed “ FBI ” has something to say about Wizkid & Pato handshake.

See the Suspicious Handshake Below:-

Actually I haven’t been able to totally sideline this Guy valid point, as am begin to reason from his angle too
Well Guys

Do You Think There’s Anything Attached To This Wizkid & Patoranking Handshake?

What Do You Think It Means From Your Own Angle?

Let’s hear from your side too.
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LET ’ S SETTLE THIS!!! Between Soundcity MVP Award & Headies Award – Which Is More Bigger ?

 LET ’ S SETTLE THIS!!! Between Soundcity MVP Award & Headies Award – Which Is More Bigger ?

Hi Guys,
Something just happened right now at the Leadwaytunez HQ , Its our normal daily argument and today we have a very sensitive one for you.
We have two most notable award shows in the country namely; The Headies Award & The Soundcity MVP Award .

The Headies (originally called the Hip Hop World Awards) is a music awards show established in 2006 to recognize outstanding achievements on Nigerian acts.

Several artistes owe their landmark status and relevance on the music scene to the Headies Award.
Artistes like Wizkid, Davido ,
Omawunmi who have won the Next Rated Award have gone ahead to be successful and become global music superstars.

In the same vein, The Soundcity MVP Awards is highly regarded in the music industry also. Some view it as a much more credible award than The Headies.
Ever since its inception in 2016, it has held three editions. But just like The Headies Awards , it has also had its own controversies with people arguing the award organizers chose winners of some award categories wrongly.

These two awards are probably the two most prestigious award shows in the music industry filled with controversies, arguments and contentions on who deserves what.

But To You

We’ll like to hear your own view too.
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Sunday, 19 May 2019

Suicide Is Not An Option ! See The Way To Manage And Reduce Depression In Nigeria (A Must Read)

Suicide Is Not An Option ! See The Way To Manage And Reduce Depression In Nigeria 

In the past few weeks, the news about suicide has been rampant in Nigeria media space.

It is not limited to a particular set of people. The old, young, broke, rich are all included in this suicide mission. Could this be true? Some

The reason for the suicide according to many Nigerians is depression, which is not totally true. You know why? Please read along.

No matter how much life brings you down. There’s no way a sane mind would think suicide is the next option.
In a country where you wouldn’t walk 1km before you see someone whose condition is worse than yours, that is why a particular says anyone who is very thoughtful will surely be thankful. No matter how depressed you are, think of the others in worse conditions.
The reasoning that Suicide ends depression is wrong. It does not.

Suicide will only transfer the depression to your loved ones as many would be devastated hearing your suicide news. So if you love the people around you. Suicide will never be an option.

Another way to cure depression is by moving close to your God.
As long as you breathe, your story is still being written, you may be in a difficult scene right now, but you have to remind yourself, that’s not how your story ends.

You have an excepted end. The creator of the universe, the most high as already planned your life for good not harm!

Open up your mind to the people around you. A problem shared is still half solved if shared with real people. Share your experience so you know God still loves you.

Just put it at the back of your mind that “Suicide Is Never An Option” no matter what. Everyone is depressed but the ability to manage it is what they call “Man”. You are an asset to the nation and the people around you.

I hope this inspires someone. Kindly share to your loved ones.


Saturday, 18 May 2019

Save Our Soul:- Badagry Expressway Needs Completion

*SaveOurSoul part 4 *  Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Babajide Sanwo-OluBabajide,  Sanwo-Olu

*Badagry Expressway Abandonment*

This is what road users go through on Badagry Expressway on a daily basis with series of assurances and stories from the Federal Government and Lagos State Government since over a year now.

The West Africa link road is now a death trap to commuters, source of agony and pains to the inhabitants of Badagry division and a shame to the giant of Africa.

The painful part of it is that Lagos state task force now use the bike men who alleviate the time loss and pains of commuters as source getting bribes with incessant seizure of their bike on regular basis.

No thanks to Lagos state and Nigeria government.


Other pictures:-

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

‘We Don’t Toy With Human Rights’ – EFCC Boss, Ibrahim Magu

The Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC, Ibrahim Magu has reiterated his position that human rights are sacred and that the commission would always uphold the fundamental human rights of Nigerians in the discharge of its duties.

The Ilorin Zonal Head of the Commission, Isyaku Sharu reaffirmed this on behalf of Magu while receiving the officials of the National Human Rights Commission, (NHRC), Kwara State office, led by the State Coordinator, Olaoye Jumoke.
Addressing the delegation, Magu told the delegation that, “We are very much aware of your responsibilities; we are professionals and will always abide by the rules of the profession. We don’t torture suspects and they don’t make statements under duress.”

He further revealed to the delegation that the Commission does not obtain statements from suspects without the presence of their lawyers, adding that “we have a number of cases in court and I don’t think there is any complain against the commission, and please don’t hesitate to draw our attention to cases that have to do with human rights abuse.”

Speaking on behalf of the delegation, Olaoye commended the Ilorin Zonal Office of the EFCC in its fight against corruption within the zone. According to Olaoye, “We are here to create synergy with the Commission. The functions of the National Human Rights Commission is to investigate complains about human rights abuse. We believe you have been following the rules and regulations. We urge you to continue the good work.”