Monday, 23 November 2020

Prince mk has been crownd as Sariki Waka of kin Nupe

 Prince Mk has been crown as Sariki Waka of kin Nupe 

Mohammed Yahaya Maikudi was born on the January 10th 1990 (which is  popularly known  by his stage name as Prince Mk baagi the former (sarki waka samarin of kin Nupe) he is a indigenous Nupe artist . He started  his musical career from long time but was known in the year 2010. He released his first Nupe music album Goggori vol 1 which made wave in all the Nupe speaking communities and its environ, and later follow it up with subsequent Album which are (Goggori vol. 2 and Emi Sarauta),and He is the proud CEO of White-Heart Empire Entertainment, the Record Label which he established in the year 2017.

On the 21st of November 2020  Mohammed Maikudi popularly known as Prince Mk has been crowd as King of traditional singer of all Kin Nupe land by his Royal highest Alhaji yahaya Abubakar Estu Nupe  and chairman of all traditional rulers.



Estu Nupe Alhaji yahaya Abubakar  CFR said that prince mk deserve this title because he know that there are alot of Nupe singer in kin Nupe but Prince Mk has make him proud and also he has make kind Nupe proud, so with this reason he has blessed him with the title of Sariki Waka of kin Nupe.

After the successfully of the crown  Prince Mk give thank to all the entire  empire for there support and he promise to always do his best to make his people, and also give thank to his fans for there support, he also promise to always give them good music as usual, without you all my fans am noting said by Prince Mk.

Prince Mk has been know as the best artist in kin Nupe because he has been given fans good quality sound  Musics, which make him have a lot fans, and not just only that, he is the kind of artist that love his people and respect his fans in respective of who you are. 


Celebration of the Turbaning ceremony of the crown will take place at Estu primary school field today 21st November 2020 you are all invited to come and celebrate with your best singer Prince Mk God bless you as you come.


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