To know you are dating a wife material and not a slay queen, these are 6 ways. Stop being fooled.

To know you are dating a wife material and not a slay queen, these are 6 ways. Stop being fooled.

Ways To Know If You Are Dating A Wife Material – “Forever till death do us part” is a long time to spend with anybody and that is why the choice of picking a partner to spend forever with is one of the most important decisions we will ever make in our life.

The parameter for choosing a wife goes beyond looks as character is the most important quality and that is why you might want to check if your girlfriend has these ten qualities listed below before you make her a wife.

1. She is Economical

One of the biggest signs to watch out for in trying to determine whether your girl is wife material is how well she handles money. The wife material is a saver and does not need to go on endless shopping sprees to feel good.

She is the type of woman that can use the little given to her to produce amazing results. She helps you to build up your savings and you always get the best of every penny spent. Moreover if you have a woman that knows how to manage money then you have no need to fear her taking yours.

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2. She Has Goals

There is nothing more perfect than a woman who has goals and ambition. When it comes to achieving things, she is not a doormat or walkover. The wife material knows what she wants to do with life and nothing will stop her from reaching her goals. A woman that has career and life goals is self confident and would have strength of character which is a good thing for any marriage.

3. She supports your dream

A woman with dreams and ambition is wife material but even more appealing is a woman who supports your own goals and helps you be a better person.

When she is your biggest fan and cheerleads you to every victory, know you have found your better half. She will have your back no matter what and allows you to have the time you need to do what you have to do because she knows your dreams are just as important as hers.

4. She respects your family and friends

Your wife material alert better be ringing loud and clear if you have a woman that respects not only you but your family as well as your gang of friends. She doesn’t nag when you have a guys’ night out or when your mom needs your attention. She is the kind of girl that fits right in and talks nineteen to the dozen with your loved ones like she has known them all her life. There is something wrong if she doesn’t even try to connect with your family and friends and its best you take a hike if she is the type that only has criticism for those that have been with you your whole life.

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5. She’s a great cook

There is a popular saying that the fastest way to a man’s heart is through is stomach. If she does your cooking for you without complaining then you should know you are dating a well brought up lady. There is nothing more enticing than coming home to a well prepared dish and a lovely woman at the end of the day. She cooks great? Wife her now before someone else finds that treasure.

6. She’s responsible

Every man’s dream is to find a responsible woman to spend the rest of his lifetime with and the first way to know this is if you have a woman that has a good way of managing her own life. She is independent, doesn’t need to get drunk every weekend before she has fun, you don’t see her at every party and she knows when to spend time alone with you.

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