Latest Update : Bida Entertainment Legendary Awards (BELA) - Categories For Nomination

Public Service Announcement
The organisers for Bida Entertainment Legendary Awards (BELA) unveils its official categories. Please check the For the Nomination Categories Below Thanks.

-Artist of the year
-Next Rated Artist
-Best Female Artist
-Best Single
-Indigenous Artist
-Afro-Pop Artist
-Best Hip-Hop Artist
-Best Music Producer
-Rookie of the Year
-Collaboration of the Year
-Best DJ
-Best Vocalist
-Lyricist of the Year
-Best Graphic Designer
-Best Artist Manager
-Best Blog
-Best Dancer
-Best Comedian
Sport Category
-Sportman of the year
-Young Footballer of the year
-Footballer of the year

Nupe Contemporary Award
-Best Nupe Musical Artist
-Nupe Best Vocal Artist
-Next Rated Nupe Artist
-Best Nupe Lyrics Writer
-Best Nupe Movie Actor

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