Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Five [5] Simple And Sure Ways To Boost Your Business Online


Thinking of how to join the train of increasing your business online like that of your successful friend?

Well! You are on the right site as i have carefully packaged five simple and approved ways to enable you do to that via the various social media platforms available to you.

I’m not about to bore you with stories. So I’m just going to go straight to the main menu. One thing I’m sure is that, these steps will sure do the miracle you need. Take a look:

  •  Be Sincere:  Remember the phrase “first impression matters” right? It is also applicable in this venture.  People want to read sincerity and honesty in your sales copy for them to want to do business with you. And so growing your business online requires you to be totally sincere and straightforward. Don’t make claims you can’t substantiate and don’t try to be something you are not. If you are a small company, take pride in that and be upfront about it. Even the holy book said we should not despise the days of our little beginning. No unnecessary exaggerations.

  •  Use of quality images: Statistics have shown that sales copies with quality images attract more prospect than copies with low or no image. For you to achieve your desire in growing your business online, then you should ensure to accompany your sales copy with quality image to attract your prospects into wanting to click and read your content and possibly contact you for further action.

  •   Include a call to action: This is another important and easiest way to get to your prospects in most social media platforms to do the needful. Including a call to action makes it clear to prospect which action to take next and it also helps to remove friction in moving your audience down the sales funnel. Once a person‘s interest has been captured by your content, the next right thing to do will be to either call or click for more. And so, it is necessary to include the call to action to enable them do so.

  •  Run advert once in a while:  in Facebook for instance, ads helps to grow the reach of one’s page, which is why i think it is important you take advantage of this and grow your business. According to a research conducted on the effectiveness of this method, here is a breakdown of what an ads can do to a Facebook or any other medium page:
§  77% more page fans
§  96% more page click
§  90% more fans reached
§  111% more friends of page fans reached
§  126% more page impressions
§  225% more post impressions

Having your page being visited with over 70% of fans, to me is a fast way to take your business to the next level. Consider it!

  •  Be Consistent: This is my number five step i believe can make you boost your business online. Be consistent, why?  Because no one wants to do a business with a ghost. You have to be readily available. Ensure to be accessible at all time. Don’t disappear after a while. Your prospects will see you as one who is not serious to do business with and as such, they will ignore you for more reliable ones.

I told you, I’m not here to bore you with long stories right? So you have it. The simple and sure ways to boost your business online.  Follow them and come back with testimonies…

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