Wednesday, 12 June 2019

The Young 5 Rappers That Will Make Your Favorite Rap Lords Piss In Their Pants

The Young 5 Rappers That Will Make Your Favorite Rap Lords Piss In Their Pants

The hype around hip hop seems to be declining through the years, but there some determined to revive it.

While we have some glorified OGs, here are 5 youngsters who will make your favourite rapper piss their pants.

1. Hotycee

There was a time hip hop ruled the Nigerian music industry but in recent times Afro beats have come back to take the throne.

While there are still rap heads among the Nigerian listeners, most of our rappers right now are idolized just because they rap, as long as you can spit a decent sixteen in this country, you are a rap god, and this is because the rap heads in this country are just grateful to get any rap song, considering the fact that everyone wants to sing these days.

Last year M.I Abaga asked Nigerian rappers to fix up their life, but i hope M.i was sure of what he wished for because I doubt he can stand with the underground rapper Hotyce.

Apart from punchlines back to back, he is a story teller, taking you on a journey line by line and this is something we lack in this part of the world, our rappers just throw fancy words at us and expect to be applauded, but it takes more than that.

2. A-Q

One of the dopiest freestyle and battle rapper in the country, A-Q finesses intellect and gangsterism is such a way that there is no match, he and his partner Loose Kaynon have taken it upon themselves to save the rap scene.

3. Loose Kaynon

When he comes to intellect and the uses of big words, loose and his partner A-Q are the first to come to mind, there is a bit of prestige to their music and only those who are deemed worthy can vibe to it.

4. Dap The Contract

There is more to this dude than the bars, from his storytelling ability to the arrangement of his track, the maturity and quality of his music is beyond the Nigerian standard and for those who think Nigerian hip hop is dead should think again.

5. Blaq Bonez

The aura Of confidence that surrounds this guy can be visibly seen in his music, the self-awareness that he breathes through his track shows that he can stand bar to bar with any rapper in the country.

Your favourite rappers better watch out, because this underground rapper is not going to stay underground for long and if he keeps to his gun, he is coming for the throne


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