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Protect Articles From Copying In Blogger What is Article Protector

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So in today's article we are going to discuse About the Article Protector.

What is this ?
What is the advantage of this?
If we have the advantage then how can we use it? So we are talking about this kind of thing in this article.

Protect Articles From Copying In Blogger What is Article Protector

As you may know that nowadays the ghost of blogging is on top of everyone. In this blogging area, some people work very hard to make their move.
So some people keep on copying. Copy means you Writing articles on a blog or website, and someone else copies that article and it pastes into his/her blog or website.
He knows that this copy is content but still works harder.
if he remains engaged in the pursuit of success you Artikals no copy has little effect on your ranking.
● Use of Article Protector!
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If you want to avoid copying your articles like this, then read this article carefully.
As you know, if your blog or website is on WordPress, then you can use a plugin. But if your blog or website is blogger, But there is a problem with the host. Here we can not use any plugins.
But this is also a solution.We will have to use HTML code for this. This whole process has been described as step by step below.
Read it carefully and apply this formula so that your articles can escape from the thieves.

Process for Article Protector Setup

Step 1- First of all you have to log into your Blogger dashboard.
Step 2- Now you have to select and copy the HTML code from below.

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