Relationship:- Why the men need Sex?

Relationship:- Why the men need Sex? 

Dear sir, why does the male need sex as if its food?

Dear Sender,
Male do not want sex they need sex,
Let me state that the no1 needs for every male is SEX, why because every male is designed by God to provide progenitor (seeds) his purpose in life is to provide  seeds. So every male you see today is a carrier of half billion sperms in his loin.

Every man is a seed Carrier, so his major purpose is designed by God to provide generations.

This is why when God wants to create a nation he goes for the male not the female and he said to Abraham a nation will come out from you and I will make him very great.

A man doesn't want sex, a man needs sex, what is need? A need is that which helps you function, a car doesn't want fuel, a car needs fuel.share to ur friends to see the group

A man is driving by divine purpose to produce generations, that is why a man needs sex.

A man doesn't have menstrual cycle, he is ready for sex anywhere, any day in any place even when you as a woman is not ready.

Sometimes most of you ladies you think your husband is demanding for too much sex or he is demonized. He is not demonized he is OK.

The woman's no 1 need is not sex, she like sex and enjoys sex, but that is not what she needs.

A woman's need is affection. Affection is never sex, sex to a woman is a result of affection.

If you give her affections you will have no need struggling to have your need in bed.

WARNING: Anyone who can't control his or her loins can fall prey to anything under skirt or trouser.
Respect yourself.

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