Relationship:- Four Pitfalls That Can Crush Your Relationship

Four Pitfalls That Can Crush Your Relationship 

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First of all I will like to talk about the meaning of relationship as you all already know that relationship is all about:-

- Connection or association; the condition of being related.

- Kinship; being related by blood or marriage.

- A romantic or sexual involvement.

Having know all this, that's why we need to watch out this "Four Pitfalls That Can Crush Your Relationship below...."

1. Pride: This is a deadly vice that has never done anybody good and certainly is the ultimate enemy of a good relationship. Hanging shoulders and refusing to apologize or to take corrections when one got it all wrong or insisting that one was right when one was wrong can crush any relationship. So avoid it.

2. Nagging: Running mouth like analogue typewriter is not and never can be how to build a perfect relationship or even TO sustain marriage. So please kindly take things easy with him and do not always assume he has another woman. Take it easy and never use bad words on your man.


3. Over socialization: Too much of everything is bad and you must be careful about clubbing and attending all parties you are invited.

4. Disobedience: I must begin to tell you that obedience is better than sacrifice. Therefore immediately you decide to go into a relationship with someone, never you forget that you can only have one captain on a board in a ship and not two.

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