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Tech:- Latest Blogger's Extension 2019 Every blogger need it. Very useful

Blogger's Extension 2019

Top Extensions For Bloggers 2019

Hello friends! Welcome to Leadwaytunez... 

In today's article we are going to talk about Blogger's Extension.

What is this Blogger's Extension?

What are the advantages we bloggers are going to get from this Blogger's Extension? 

We will know about all these things in detail.

So let's start... 

● What is Blogger's Extension?

As you all know, how much competition has been done in the field of blogging. All bloggers think of moving ahead by beat each other.

So all bloggers use SEO, Through this SEO we can easily rank our blog or website somewhat easily in Google. So now we are talking about Blogger's Extension. 

Blogger's Extension means a type of plug-in, we all bloggers should have around Chrome browser. 

So we can install some such plugins in the Chrome browser with the help of this you can easily do some work. 

All these extensions are available for free, so we should know about these extensions extensively and all details about extensions because they are very important for every bloggers.

So here are some of the extensions mentioned above:-

Keep reading carefully... 

● Grammarly (Blogger's Extension)

Grammarly is a special extension in Google Chrome Browser, which is specially designed for content writers or those who write article.

This extension has the task of improving it automatically by catching any typed word.

Grammarly is a website along with an app, If you do not want to install this extension then you can use its website or app. 

This app is available for Windows, Android as well as IOS.

If you install this extension, then you type wrong word in Chrome, then this extension will correct you, this extension is very special for all bloggers.

● Moz (Blogger's Extension)

Moz is an extension that needs to be done by every blogger, this is a type of analysis extension, If you have done blogging then you must have heard the name of DA and PA. 

If you have installed this extension in your Chrome, then whenever you visit a website or blog, this extension will tell you the DA and PA of that blog or website. As you know that all bloggers are looking for backlinks nowadays, and all bloggers DA and C Looking for PA, So you should install this Extension.

● Keyword Everywhere (Blogger's Extension)

Keyword Everywhere is also a special extension of Chrome. 

This Keyword Everywhere Extension is a Research Extension, If you install this extension in your Chrome, then after installing it, when you search for any keyword in Google then You will tell this extension about the search volumes and CPCs of that keyword, along with all the details about the competition. 

So this is a special extension in any way for all bloggers. 

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