Thursday, 14 March 2019

5 Ways To Know If Your Woman Is Cheating On You, If She Does No. 4 Just Give Up

In a relationship, when a woman begin to show some certain signs, then the man should be aware that he is about to lose his woman.
We would talk on some of these signs that some women display when they are cheating on their partners

1. She’s Too Attached To Her Phone

This kind of situation, without doubting she’s absolutely into something and that thing is called cheat, probably someone is giving her consistence messages, not just ordinary message but love text to be precise.
In some cases she might be engage in some feelings with her phone. She will never drop her phone anyhow cause you might get into it.

2. Her Phone Is Always On Silent

Many of you guys will have experienced this, however it is just the easiest way for our women to justify the two sides in order to avoid putting their self into trouble or mess. Many of them use to claim that is how they like to use their phone.
My Gee, na lie oooh, she just dy put d phone to silent while stepping on your door step. I hail u oo aunty!

3. She Always Avoids Taking Pictures With You

This is the worst part of all, she’d never want to associate with you, she won’t like anything related to photo, even if you raise this matter she will do all her possibility to exclude herself completely.
Wetin pain me most is the way dy go kn dy upload your single pics with love emoji on whatsapp status with no view, mama dn privatize it.

4. 1% Concentration With Her Mobile Phone

This set of people are said to be novice or they just intentionally want to show you what is going on.
If she spend 8% of her time on phone while you guys are together, my brother she’s not hiding it for you anymore. Somebody else has given her assurance.

5. Receiving Too Many Calls From Unknown Numbers

Women can be corny at times, they are very intelligent and smart on this field, if you are seeing your woman receiving many calls from unknown callers, most especially from a specific number the probability that she is cheating on you is 9%.
So, these are the signs.

Has Any Of You Ever Witnessed Any Of These Before?

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