How To Borrow Data From MTN

Good news for MTN subscribers, you can now borrow data from MTN anytime you run out of data and pay back later.
Available Data Bundles on Xtrabyte
Data Bundles that are available on XtraByte are:
• 10MB, costs N50 + N5 charge
• 30MB, costs N100 + N10 charge
• 100MB, costs N200 + N20 charge
• 200MB, costs N300 + N30 charge
• 750MB, costs N500 + N50 charge
MTN XtraByte data appear in a special XtraByte account and not the normal data account, just like Xtratime.

How to borrow data from MTN
1. Dial *606#
2. Select Xtrabyte, then a message will pop up showing the list of data your sim is eligible to borrow.
3. Select the data you want to borrow.


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