Marriage is an amazing thing if the partners are right for each other. These are signs that your man is good and will love you always.
A man’s behavior shifts with his feelings (yes, we have feelings). If he’s mildly interested in you, he acts a certain way. If he hates you, he does certain things. If he really doesn’t care, it shows. Well, here’s what your husband will do if he’s in love with you (and will be forever):
1. He sacrifices for your smile
You’re the light of his life, his better half, the spring in his step. He’s happy when you’re happy, so he goes as far out of his way as he needs to to make sure you’re smiling. He sacrifices his time, resources and abilities to make your day.
You know he’s a keeper when he puts your happiness before his own. In the ideal situation you feel the same and do the same for him. That being said, married life isn’t always going to be full of butterflies and rainbows (as you well know).
2. He tells you the ugly truth to help you grow
When hard times roll around he works through them with you. If there’s a problem in your relationship, he brings it up early on and tries to fix it with you, without holding it against you. He understands that he’s far from perfect, so he goes about conflict resolution humbly yet directly.
He tells you what needs to be improved without making you feel bad about yourself. You know he does it out of love, not malice.
3. He appreciates a burnt meal
He recognizes your efforts and is sincerely grateful for them. He doesn’t take you for granted. He knows full well how much of a catch you are (and you know he knows). When you literally burn a meal, he doesn’t mind. He smiles, chuckles, says “thank you” and eats it anyways. You know it turned out terribly, but he says it’s really not that bad.
4. He’s still dating you
He never really stopped. He’s still trying to learn about you, and he makes a sincere and intentional effort to keep the spark in your relationship alive. He’s still asking you questions. He’s still trying to put his best foot forward for you. You still go out on dates. He takes you to dinner, out to ice cream or to the movies. He holds your hand. He kisses you on the cheek. You cuddle on the couch. He listens to you, learns and remembers even the quirkiest things about you.
5. He calls you out of the blue
Maybe he has a five minute break at work – he calls you just to see how you’re doing. He likes the sound of your voice and wants to make sure your day is going well (see #1 on this list).
What your husband does when he has nothing else to do is very telling. It shows where his priorities are at. If he spends that down time with you, even if it just means binge-watching romance movies, he’s sticking around.

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